Dragon Threat Labs Infrastructure

We are building a test bed and training infrastructure (installed with common commercial applications and some unique hardware, such as PLC, smart IoT devices, handheld camera devices, PoS and even ATM equipment) to allow cyber security practitioners to conduct offensive evaluations (aka red-team challenges) and forensic investigation exercises (aka blue-team incident response processes) under/with standard configurations and installations in a safe and legal virtual environment.

In order to allow our members to peep into the World of real Cyber Criminals, targets are built in our "internal" simulated network that contains hosts infected with famous malware, wateringhole or exploit-kits and even command and control servers. We believe by implementing this platform, incident responders can be trained up to deal with more realistic attack scenarios.

We also maintain an array of hardware and software which is available to be used by our members in both the lab and also at home. This includes all of the tools necessary to perform reverse engineering of multiple CPU architectures (x86, x64, ARM, SPARC, PPC and many more).