Dragon Threat Labs Membership Rules

Dragon Threat Labs is a nonprofit, law abiding collective of individuals from different fields and backgrounds that share an interest in IT security. Our main purpose is to promote and share knowledge to create awareness of good security practices and threats that might arise from the usage of common gadgets or technologies.

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Code of conduct

Members of Dragon Threat Labs are expected to:

  1. Follow the the law of Hong Kong and your own jurisdiction
  2. Act honourably and professionally
  3. Treat each other with respect
  4. Avoid conflicts of interest
  5. Share knowledge and resources according to your ability
  6. Respect the given confidentiality of information provided to you
  7. Give credit where credit is due
  8. Do not engage in commercial activities using the Dragon Threat Labs name
  9. Take care to make proper use of resources or equipment of others and the lab
  10. Above all else, do not bring harm to this community, its members or partner organisations

Membership fees

Membership will be charged at a yearly rate of HK$500, payable upon acceptance of membership. This will entitle to you use the Lab, equipment, IT systems, attend all public and private meetings and free entrance to DragonCon.

Vetting process

Each member will be required to go through a nomination and vetting process before being granted access to the group, IT systems and associated equipment. Vetting consists of a manual and automatic review of documentation. Ultimately the decision will come down to a panel vote.

Activity levels

Any member, regardless of position or status is required to participate in an active research project. We understand that not all members have equal technical aptitude and free time but require that all members attend meetings at least once a quarter and contribute to group discussions.


You may not at any stage use the Dragon Threat Labs brand or represent Dragon Threat Labs in public or private without prior written consent from the management team.

Violation of any of these rules is punishable by termination without monetary refund.